Council Candidate George Morris

Council Candidate George Morris and his wife, moved to the Town of Southwest Ranches in 1996
and raised their two children, Stephanie and Matthew. George was among hundreds of citizens in
the Southwest Ranches area who called for the right to form their own city. As a result of this
grassroots effort, The Florida State Legislature passed a bill in the 1997 session calling for a vote
of the citizens of Southwest Ranches in early 2000. After the Town of Southwest Ranches
incorporated itself in June 2000, George, president of a successful locally owned construction
company, volunteered his time, resources and, General Contractor’s license to assist a small
group of volunteers and Town Pioneers in construction of our first Town Hall (Formerly located
on the grounds of South Broward Drainage District). In recognition of George’s involvement in
the effort to construct Southwest Ranches first Town Hall, Southwest Ranches first Mayor, The
Honorable Mecca Fink, recognized George “for his dedication, generosity, willingness to do
whatever it takes, outstanding volunteer spirit and being instrumental in the renovation of our
first Town Hall,” and he was awarded Southwest Ranches first “Volunteer of the Year Certificate”
in 2001.

George, has been a key contributor in the creation of our Town and preserving our rural lifestyle
by being involved in many of the Town’s projects. George’s involvement in community
construction projects reflect his deep and personal involvement in fulfilling the vision of the
Town Council and bear his personal mark of professionalism, honesty and integrity. George’s
leadership is exemplified by his personal involvement with; the construction of Sunshine
Ranches Equestrian Park, the construction design-build and preservation of Rolling Oaks Barn,
the construction of our Town median identification signs currently throughout the Town, the
construction of permanent monument walls at the Rolling Oaks entrance, working with town
officials in shaping procedures and policies for our in-house Building Department, volunteering
his time to install a new kitchen inside the Southwest Ranches volunteer’s fire department, and
the construction of the iconic horse shoe and rock formation in Volunteer Park. George also
volunteered to assist in completion of the existing Town Hall construction after the project
experienced certain construction management issues.

George lives and leads by example as he currently resides on a farm and has extensive
knowledge of our Agricultural Rights, Rural Lifestyle and, shares a love for farming and farm

George was appointed unanimously by Town Council to the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board
in 2008 and loyally serves nearly a decade later. George currently holds the position of Vice Chair and
has the privilege of holding previous positions of Chair and Secretary on the Comprehensive
Plan Advisory Board. In addition, he currently serves as Chair on the Drainage and Infrastructure Board.
The Astor Knight Parks Foundation and President of Westfield Estates Association in SWR.
George has extensive knowledge of Southwest Ranches gathered over 19 plus years by attending
and participating in numerous Council meetings from the Town’s inception.

In summary, George has gained an exceptional insight and valuable comprehension of the unique
challenges faced on a daily basis by the Town of Southwest Ranches. George, through his hard
work and political acumen, has demonstrated his dedication to supporting a rural life style in an
encroaching suburban landscape. In summary, George has shown unequivocally, through deeds
and actions, that he is an obvious choice for District 3 Council.

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